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You will now be able to listen to our music here!


You have to listen to this!  Michelle is singing... 'Precious Blood'  AWESOME!


Next, 'Amazing Grace, My Chains are Gone' with SAX Vocals...


Next, one I wrote.... 'Heavenly'


Next, 'Rest High'


Next, 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters'...


Now something from the 'Olden Days'... When I played for Boysie Mathis and the Eisyob Band in Corinth Mississippi...Somewhere in the late '80's...Mike Floyd and I created a cassette. (I know, some of you don't know what that is... LOL ) I wrote a couple of the songs on it... ' JJ's Boogie ', and Extasy.....Mike Floyd Produced it, and I am playing the Saxophone, Mike Floyd is playing the guitar and Bass, and Ricky Ryan is playing the Keys....

The first song is JJ's Boogie... Yep! That's me Screamin... Hope you enjoy! :-)

'JJ's Boogie'


'Today I Started Loving You Again'


'Ode To Billy Joe'


Next, 'Tuff'


Another one I wrote... 'Extasy'


' I can't Stop Loving You '


' Rocky Top Tennessee '


' Make The World Go Away '


Some of my MIDI's

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In the early 1990's, I played sax with 'Eisyob' in Mississippi. I also played in Tennessee with Mike Floyd. Below are the tracks from Boysie Mathis' CD....Guess who's playing SAX... LOL

After playing SAX for a while with Mike Floyd and the Red Eye Band in Pickwick, TN., I played exclusively at the 20th Century in Corinth, MS. Upon being there for a year, Mike Floyd joined us with his Awesome songs, and guitar playing.... What a time...We would pack the house every weekend! Four nights per week...We were all like a family then.... It is sad to know that most are gone now... Boysie Mathis has passed, along with his wife, Jewelnell.

I listen to this music and reminise. All of you whom had been there, enjoy!

That's The Way Love Goes


Don't Throw Me No Bones




Who's Left Or Who's To Blame






I've Been Your Fool To Long




Kentucky Wind